Motivational Speakers: Simon Sinek – The golden circle

I’m going to talk about motivational speakers and writers every sunday.

  1. Simon Sinek

    Listening to him with his golden circle theory is very interesting. I recommend everybody with a great idea should listen to this theory. His theory is divided in 3 circles.

The inner circle is the  why?

The mid circle presents the who?

The most outer circle is the what?

What is the actual thing you sell, who is the guy/company that sells it, the why is why we do IT.

Sales managers thinking at this point is “It’s what we sell, who are we selling for and then maybe if the consumer is interested we tell them why we sell it.

But why for the sales manager is to make profit and to make a earning out of it. But that is not a why, that is a result. There is a big difference and I follow Simon completely on this part:

Why for the consumer, is your believe and your company’s believe in your company and your product. This is the feeling behind the product. The feeling people should persuade of buying a product.

A lot of products fail just only on the introduction on the Market, because they didn’t start with a feeling inside the product or a feeling inside the seller. This feeling is corresponding with our brain, sometimes you don’t take some decisions just because it doesn’t feel right.

Below you can watch his YouTube clip from TED seminar.


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