Motivational Speakers: Seth Godin

My inspirer, I’m just an admirer.

Well here are some good movies:

Seth Godin Speaking @Ted

Seth Goding @Google (long movie)

Seth Godin speaking about Ideas That Spread Win

Let’s become Linchpins…


Mark IT, Mark someone, Mark your idea

It’s been a while since I posted something on this blog (5 days).
I’ve been working on a lot of Social Media Studies and on a  new project that involves Image Building.

Over the past few weeks I saw a lot of interviews with people doing what they love to do and making a profit with it.

Well, start doing what you love to do. A quote from Sir Ken Robinson: “A kid wanted to be a firefighter, he held on to that dream and loves what he is doing at the moment. A teacher said: “you should learn, study and make something of yourself, a dream to become a firefighter is ridiculous” . Last year, the kid that is now an actual firefighter, saved the teacher’s life.

That’ll teach the teacher.

Make some kind of Bucket List:

First list: What do I love to do?
Second list: What do I want to do in the future?

What I’m saying is do what you love to do. Write down a list of things you are doing at the moment, write down a list of things you want to do in the future.

MARK IT, MARK the Things you love to do.

Third list: MARK The things that you do but only the ones that truly make you feel happy and which ones are going to give you satisfaction in the future?

Ok, now you have MARKed all the things you love and the things you are willing to do in the future.

Fourth list: Who is going to help me with my new goals and achievements?

Write down a list of people that are willing to help you and willing to push you beyond your limits and capabilities.

Now that you have your list, MARK the ideas but only MARK the ones you most desire in goals and achievements, ones that you can easily do (e.g. ones you can easily cross off your list like spending a day with your grandma in the park)

A design by Harry Northover

If you found the one that you desire most, draw lines from the people that are willing to help you and connect them with the most desirable idea and the things you are going to do.

MARK dates and MARK your calendar: MARK the date were you can start this project.

I’m not saying you should quit your day job but quit the things you don’t feel good about. Start doing the things you love and strive towards being the best at IT.

Being the best in something means you are reMARKable and people are willing to pay for reMARKable.

Motivational speakers: Gary Vaynerchuk – Which wine goes with fish?

Well he actually doesn’t care about the question?

Gary Vaynerchuk is a remarkable. He had a family business turned it into a 50 Million turnover business. And then he quitted, because he wanted to something that makes him happy. In this next clip he explains why we should do stuff that makes us happy and stop doing stuff that we hate doing.

So here is his explanation what we should do and how we can do what we like. The best part is him saying quit watching “LOST”

So to make yourselves happy stop doing stuff that makes you happy. MARK IT, Mark the things you hate doing and scratch them from your to do list.

A Word that makes you proud: PROUD!

I took this image from an african Artist Wycliffe Ndwiga you can find his artwork and paintings at The image is called proud cheetah.

Why did I took Proud as a motivational word. Because you can be ambitious, work hard, be exceptional but sharing this talent with another person will always give you the most satisfaction. Someone telling you that they are proud of you gives you one of the best feelings ever.

Because in most cases it is something you have accomplished and it is something to be proud off.
It’s easier for us if someone tells us that they’re proud of us, then being proud of yourselves. So be proud of your work, it will give you confidence.

People that are proud of you are the perfect and worst sales managers.

The perfect sales managers if they are proud of you and they are not relatives. Just friends with no emotional love connection:
“Friends are the best critics to have around you. True friends will tell you when they are proud and they will sell your product/talent to anyone around them”

The worst sales managers if they are family and loved ones: “Nobody forgets the relation ship between them and you, they will always be your family and loved ones”

Case study shows this:

Friend of mine was telling me about his new place. His apartment was in for a paint job. And I said: “I know this really friendly guy, he does it perfectly for only 15 dollars an hour”, He asked his number and I gave it to him.

Friend of mine was telling me about his new place. His apartment was in for a paint job. And I said: “My brother, he is a real friendly guy, he does it perfectly for only 15 dollars an hour”. Well I gave him the number and told my brother about it.

Which one would you pick?

To be honest, I would take the friendly guy as well. Because you are proud of his work, because of the work he did and maybe because I don’t have a brother that is a painter.  But also because you’ll reconsider every time someone tells you that a relative is really good.

So tell him/her the first story and if they are proud of his work. He’ll tell it to the next one, but like this:

Friend of mine was telling my friend about his new place. His apartment was in for a paint job. And my friend said: “I know this really friendly guy, it’s the brother of a friend of mine,  he does it perfectly for only 15 dollars an hour”, He asked his number and my friend gave it to him.

Be proud and tell the story about someones gift or talent. You’ll create a new market called the Proud market.

Motivational Speakers: Sir Ken Robinson – Schools Kill Creativity

As you might have known I’m not a fan of the school system in particular and while I’m still a student, I’m thinking I’m being fooled day in and day out by the school system.

Color between the lines, become one of the great mass. “we are thought to  be University professors” dixit Sir Ken Robinson.

If you are one of the great mass, you graduated. Congratulations! Now what? You are boring, because you are just like 100.000 other students that graduated.

Oh and trow all your education in the trash bin because nothing you have learned will be useful  (only in exact sciences degrees)

Listen to Sir Ken Robinson:

Funny, witty but all very true.

Porsche 2.0 actually Porsche GT2 RS

Sometimes you see the THING in front of you and sometimes you know it’s IT.

I’ve always been a sports-car fan and always have been a fan of Porsche. What do they bring out and with an awesome YouTube video: The Porsche GT2 RS. Check it out:

Non dirty version:

Keep it simple, let the car do the work. People that don’t have a clue what this car is about should see this movie.

Dirty version:

Some nice marketing strategy

This last one is circling around at all the Carblogs, carforums, porschefanatics.

What they are saying is: ‘Listen up petrol heads, just imagine what you’ll say when you’ll be driving this car’. So what they did is, they placed you behind the wheel. Not some swear letters but you.

The key ingredient to this kind of marketing is making the buyer believe that they could own or they could drive one of these exclusive models. So in the back of our minds, it’s us saying does swear words.

Just wanted Porsche to know, giving away one for free testing/driving/swearing. I’ll be happy to take one of your hands.